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Echo is a program that aims to innovate the services by and for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth in precarious situations. To do this, Asterisk is carrying out several projects grouped within the Echo program :



Echo: A home like me is a vision project for shelter and/or accessible housing. This project will develop and provide resources for accessible housing short and long-term by and LGBTQ youth in precarious situations We are in the phase of mapping existing initiatives in Canada concerning affordable housing models and solutions as well as homelessness initiatives that can meet immediate needs (shelters, short to long-term housings, food, etc. .)




“Echo: safe(r) spaces” is a project which aims to create and maintain physical spaces in collaboration with our members. This year's project is the Roommate's move from the current space (Jeunesse Lambda, Project 10, and Alterhéros) to a larger space adapted to their services and to update our collaboration agreements.


In the long term vision, this project aims:

  • to develop and support accessible and empowering housing and other essential resources for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth who are in precarious situations;

  • co-constructs the models and practices for affordable and affirmative housing resources.

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