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The LGBT+ Leadership Fund

The LGBT+ Leadership Fund is a new project that aims to provide funds and support for projects of a maximum duration of 3 months by/for young LGBTQIA2S+ between the ages of 14 and 35 that align with Asterisk's objectives:

 Providing  a welcoming and safe place of social networking for young LGBTQIA2S+ to fight against the various problems they face;

-- Offering an alternative to commercial places as places of socialization and meetings;

-- Countering isolation and allowing young people to express their reality;

-- Sharing safe(r) resources and community initiatives through LGBTQIA2S+ youth communities, considering what differentiates them and connects them


When a project is accepted, our team will support the youth participant(s) in planning the project tasks and budget. Besides the project fund, our team coordinates a resource bank to ensure project accessibility. Depending on the needs of the youth participants, our team is present for meetings to support the youth in their projects and to share our network of resources. Our team may be present for public event projects to facilitate LGBTQ+ awareness and youth resource booths.

Queer Prom

Application forms are now open 


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